Who's Who?

Eddie Yeti
Eddie is a mild-mannered bundle of white fur, far from the abominable creature he's been made out to be. He's kind and curious and obsessive about show biz. His obsession with local news anchor Stephanie Vigil is a little curious, though.

El Fuego
High-strung and constantly vibrating with excitement, El Fuego is an energetic bundle of entertainment. He's a part-time luchador wrestler with a flair for the dramatic. As a veteran of the squared-circle he knows how to entertain an audience. As a guy who doesn't know when to turn it off, he's also been known to pick fights with that same audience.

Lucy is an old soul who's never met a stranger. She lights up a room with her warmth, and is known by many to be a great go-to friend. She's an avid reader and has started many self-help groups. She may not kill you with kindness, but you might get a slight rash.


Kai is always ready for the next adventure. He's just as comfortable crashing waves as he is crashing at someone's pad "for a few days." He's not good at paying you back or remembering your name, but "a friend in need is a friend indeed, brah."

Martin Van Monster
Martin isn't jaded. He isn't hateful. He's just been there, he's done that, and it's never really panned out. He'll still be there when you call on him, but he's not exactly looking forward to life's next big disappointment.

Jack Rabbit
As the youngest of 46, Jack was a little starved for attention when he was young. He was always eagerly looking for ways to entertain his family. Most of the pictures taken when he was young were blurry because he could never sit still. There's probably a pill for this behavior, but no one is fast enough to administer it to him.


Louie is a comic who's been happily divorced for several years. He's toured the country, playing any backwater club that serves hot chicken strips, warm beer, and cold waitresses. He's entertained thousands with his brand of jaded, hostile reflections on life.
Needless to say, he's not that into doing kids' shows.

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